When Sarah Platt finds out Gary had lunch with Nicola and he failed to secure Audrey’s contract, she’s furious. Desperate for some cash, Gary phones his old mate Joe to ask for a favour…

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Sarah Platt given up on Gary

Sarah is angry with Gary

The nurse explains that at her late stage Amy will need a surgical termination. Amy’s terrified but will it make her rethink her decision? When Steve reveals his suspicions about Simon, Tracy reads a text from Simon on Amy’s phone and sets off on the warpath.

In front of Ken and Peter, Tracy accuses him of getting her daughter pregnant. Simon denies it but it’s clear he’s hiding something from everyone After speaking to Faye about her experience, Amy has a change of heart. How will Steve and Tracy react?

Tracy reads a text from Simon on Amy’s phone

Tracy reads a text from Simon on Amy’s phone

When Tyrone finds out that Evelyn failed to show up for bingo and forgot to collect Ruby from school, he’s quietly concerned. Tyrone suggests she should see a doctor as he’s worried about her memory but Evelyn refuses.

Having tied herself in knots, Abi admits she’s never been travelling but has done several stints in prison. Has she lost her chance and if she has, will she turn to drink again? Roy phones the hospital and is shocked to discover Sylvia’s had a heart attack…