Coronation Street spoilers: Robert Preston is in the frame for Vicky’s murder

The police question Robert Preston after arresting him for assault

The police arrest Robert Preston on suspicion of assault. Robert informs them that the last time he saw Vicky they rowed and she threw a vase at the wall but the police then reveal they found blood on a fragment on the vase and they also found a second fragment of the vase in his van. Robert’s horrified as the police officer confirms that the blood found on the fragments of vase is that of Vicky Jefferies and demands to know how it got there in this hour long episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

In the Rovers, Tim confides in Abi that he was already married when he wed Sally but didn’t realise it at the time and Abi urges him to tell her the truth. Tim, Sally, Brian, Cathy, Kevin and Abi gather at No.6 for Geoff and Yasmeen’s wedding party.

Geoff makes a speech, saying how he never thought he’d find love again as he showers Yasmeen with compliments. Tim gets down on one knee and suggests to Sally they get married again. Thinking it the ultimate romantic gesture, Sally agrees, thrilled. Tim explains to Kevin and Abi how he intends to divorce Charlie, marry Sally again so they’re legally married and she’ll be none the wiser.

Tim proposes to Sally!

Tim proposes to Sally!

As Cathy bites into a crab canape, she encounters a piece of crab shell which she carefully removes but Geoff watches with mounting irritation. With the guests having left, Geoff tears a strip off Yasmeen for embarrassing him in front of their guests. When he retrieves a crab shell from the bin and suggests she should eat it.

Michael, Grace and Tianna arrive at Big Garth’s Winter Wonderland but they’re hugely underwhelmed. When Grace smells alcohol on Santa’s breath, she picks up Tianna and storms out. Michael returns to the Winter Wonderland and suggests that for 50% of the profits, he could turn it into a goldmine and Big Garth and Michael shake hands on the deal.

Michael and Garth make a deal...

Michael and Garth make a deal…

Gemma and Chesney head home with the quads after being told that all four are ready to go home. But they soon discover that trying to feed, bath and change four babies is a monumental task. Fiz and Paul call at No.5 to find the pair clearly struggling to cope.

Daniel thanks Bethany for coming to his rescue and her sound advice. A thoughtful James watches their exchange…