Coronation Street spoilers: Robert Preston has bad news for Carla…

Robert Preston tells Carla Connor that her family has been keeping tabs on her in Coronation Street...

Coronation Street’s Carla is shocked when Robert Preston shows her some of the messages from her family on his phone to out her off the scent.

Furious she goes to confront them for keeping tabs on her… Robert calls at Vicky’s and is jealous to find Tyler’s dad Jed there too. What going on?

Noting that Abi finds Kevin amusing, Sally wonders if she could be the one for him. Ken is worried when Claudia continues her decluttering of number 1.

Coronation Street, Claudia, Ken

Ken has second thoughts about Claudia when she continues clearing out his things (Picture: ITV)

As Seb tells Jan about the trafficking, Jan quickly covers and says he too had found out about it and has told Rachel her won’t work for her any more.

Both men refuse Eileen’s pleas to go to the police saying Alina would be in danger. What will Jan do now he knows the net is closing in?

Kate and Jenny are forced to call an uneasy truce for the sake of Johnny’s health.

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