Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow takes risks to find Carla

Peter gets heavy with a squatter in his desperate search for Carla

The police tell Peter Barlow and Ken that Carla used her bank card to withdraw money from a cash machine on the estate and was seen near the squat.

Peter tells the Connors there has been another sighting. Peter goes back to the squat and gets heavy with one of the squatters, Johnny drags Peter off the man and Peter gives them his phone number before leaving.

Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow takes risks to find Carla

Peter Barlow is desperate to find Carla

Paul helps Gemma with the last of her things from No.5 and it’s clear Chesney’s sad to see her go. When Chesney finds Gemma leaning against a wall feeling faint, he’s concerned and insists she goes to the medical centre. Gemma opens up to the doctor and admits the baby was unplanned and she’s scared

Coronation Street spoilers: Is Gemma Winter pregnant?

Gemma is scared about the future

Nick meets up with an important client, Jo and admits that he’s depending on her for a huge order, will she come up with the goods?

Eileen teases Seb about Alina and wonders when he’s going to see her again. Seb’s coy whilst Jan masks his unease. Seb calls in the nail bar for a manicure. Alina is pleased to see him and chats away about her family back home as she works on his nails.

As Mary loads up the flower shop van, Jan cycles round the corner and crashes into her injuring her wrist. Moira and Jan help Mary into the medical centre.

First episode of Coronation Street tonight.