Coronation Street spoilers: Jed blackmails Robert Preston!

Robert Preston is forced to pay off Jed to keep his secret.

As a smug Jed blackmails Coronation Street‘s Robert Preston, demanding £5k, Robert realises he needs to give in and offers him £2k saying it is all he has and Jed gives him the ring back but insist Roberts has to get Tyler to agree to move to Ireland.

Robert tells Craig he has found the ring after all but when Michelle demands to know where the £2k has gone from the safe he says he spent it on a new ring. Will Michelle finally realise he is lying?

Coronation Street, Robert Preston, Michelle

Robert tells Michelle he spent the missing money from the safe on a new ring

In a bid to make Alina stay, Seb tells her what he knows about Jan but she says she has to go and a tearful Seb has to say farewell.

Eileen and Seb return to number 11 unaware that Rachel is watching them from across the road.

Coronation Street, Seb, Eileen

Rachel is keeping an eye on Seb and Eileen

Whilst Tyrone panics about Hope’s lack of school place, Evelyn suggests he should talk to Brian and see if can pull any strings with his old contacts. Brian advises Tyrone and Evelyn that unfortunately Hope is too late for a place at Bessie Street, but she’ll be allocated a place at another school. When Evelyn reveals that she’s sorted Hope’s school place, Tyrone’s dubious.

Geoff gives Yasmeen a list of his ailments and lets her think he could have cancer.

Second episode of Coronation Street this evening.