Coronation Street spoilers: Jan Lozinski is a woman magnet!

Eileen is jealous as Moira does her best to chat up Jan Lozinski.

When Mary arrives in the Rovers with her wrist strapped up, Jan Lozinski offers to buy her a drink by way of an apology, but Mary gives him short shrift. As Moira does her best to chat up Jan, Eileen watches, her jealousy evident.

Coronation Street spoilers: Jan Lozinski is a woman magnet!

Mary isn’t interested in Jan’s apology

As Peter threatens to crumble under the weight of his despair over Carla’s disappearance Simon comes to his rescue.

Nick meets up with Helen, the loss adjuster, who explains that until the police investigation is complete, they’re not in a position to make any decision regarding a pay out. Nick’s frustrated whilst Toyah remains deeply suspicious.

Nick meets up with Helen

Toyah wonders what on earth is going on…

Seb invites Alina back to No.11 and explains that he’s HIV positive and he contracted the disease from his first ever girlfriend. Alina’s sympathetic. Alina kisses Seb tenderly and asks him for his phone number and he’s thrilled. Having surreptitiously pocketed some biscuits, Alina heads back to work.

Dr Gaddas confirms that Gemma is 9 to 10 weeks pregnant and assures her she’ll make a great mum. When Gemma reveals that she’s keeping the baby and she’s excited about it, Rita’s thrilled for her.

Second episode of Coronation Street tonight.