Coronation Street Spoilers: Heartbroken Leanne Battersby is in denial

Leanne Battersby refuses to accept Oliver’s diagnosis

The consultant reveals to Leanne Battersby and Steve that Oliver has an incurable form of mitochondrial disease, and the pair do their best to compute the terrible news. Clearly in a state of shock, Leanne demands a second opinion, determined that there must be something they can do for Oliver. Back at home the family reel with shock at the news in tonight’s only episode of Coronation Streetat 7.30pm (see our TV guide for full details).

A thrilled Toyah and Imran are told by the social workers that they have a good chance of being accepted as foster parents and they excitedly plan for the panel hearing. But as news of Oliver’s diagnosis reches Toyah she has to break the news to Imran that they will have to put their own plans on hold.

Toyah and Imran's plans are put on hold

Toyah and Imran’s plans are put on hold

With Alina’s help, Emma finally manages to free her hand from the glass vase. Emma’s desperately upset about the news re Oliver and Alina does her best to comfort her. Alina phones Seb to cancel their drink, insisting she’s not happy sneaking about behind Emma’s back and would appreciate it if he didn’t ask her out again.

Alina's not happy sneaking about behind Emma’s back

Alina’s not happy sneaking about behind Emma’s back

Fiz is aghast to find Tyrone asleep in front of the TV in his vest.  As she nags him to tidy up, she realises with horror that they are turning into Jack and Vera.  Amused, Tyrone suggests a romantic dinner tomorrow night.