Coronation Street Spoilers: Has Tim Metcalfe caught Geoff red-handed?

Tim Metcalfe walks in as Geoff examines the camera footage

In tonight’s only episode of Coronation Street at 7.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) the police arrive and order Alya to hand over the keys to No.6. Knowing she’s beaten, she shoves the keys at Geoff.

Having finally gained entry, Geoff retrieves his hidden camera. Opening his laptop, he logs in, locates the footage of their final argument and deletes it. But when Tim Metcalfe suddenly appears will Geoff be forced to explain himself?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Has Tim Metcalfe caught Geoff red-handed?

Tim walks in on Geoff and his laptop

As the Platts look for Shona, Roy finds her lurking outside the cafe and ushers her in although it’s clear she doesn’t recognise him. David’s relieved to find her with Roy and as Alice takes her back to the rehab centre he’s struck with an idea.

Roy comes to Shona's rescue

Roy comes to Shona’s rescue

Dev announces to Asha and Aadi that he’s taking them out of Weatherfield High and moving them to Oakhill. Asha reluctantly agrees that a new start at a school where nobody knows about the video might be a good thing.

Mary warns Dev that private school fees on top of the fees he’s paying the reputation management company will be crippling but Dev’s adamant it’s worth it.

Leanne arrives home with Oliver. Steve and Nick offer to help out but she’s determined to cope alone.

Michael breaks the news to James that he can’t go on holiday as he needs to focus on Tianna and his new job at the factory.