Chesney is upset that Gemma Winter is feeling too ill and hungover to go to Bertie’s christening, she tries to make amends by cooking a fish pie but falls asleep leaving it to burn. Later, she reads a text from Tyrone to Chesney with interest.

Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter causes choas in the kitchen

Gemma is in trouble with Chesney, can she make it up to him?

Gary Windass tells Sarah he has paid off his debt and won’t keep any more secrets from her. But she is shocked when she hears Alex says the loan shark is called Rick and she realises Gary had invited him into their house.

Meanwhile Cathy and Brian pay Rick a visit to pay off Alex’s loan, but Rick makes it clear that he owes more and he has his passport.

Cathy and Brian pay Rick

Cathy and Brian get a fright

Ken is in a bad mood at the christening as he has received a letter from the council charging him with dog fouling. Beth is delighted and as the families bicker Sinead pleads for calm.

Ken is in a bad mood at the christening


Jenny reads one of Seb’s flyers advertising his new business and asks him if he’d mind taking a look at one of the loos in the pub. Seb’s chuffed to have his first job. Salon owner Rachel calls in the Rovers looking for Jan as she needs a toilet fixing.

Jenny recommends Seb for the job and the woman reluctantly agrees. Rachel takes Seb to a nail bar where one of the manicurists, Alina, shows Seb the broken loo.

First episode of Coronation Street tonight.