Coronation Street spoilers: Gary Windass hits rock bottom

Gary Windass tells Seb his van and tools have been stolen.

Seb finds a battered and bruised Gary Windass at the builder’s yard, Gary tells him his van and tools have been stolen. When Seb tells Eileen what has happened she makes a decision. Meanwhile, after speaking to Brian, Rita is horrified to realise the loan shark is the same man that terrorised her.

Bertie’s christening descends into chaos and a food fight as the Tinkers and Barlows row over the dog poo. In a bid to try and keep the peace Kirk picks up his guitar and starts singing – will it do the trick?

Bertie’s christening descends into chaos

Food fight! This is how not to behave at a christening!

When Chesney suggests fish and chips, a downbeat Gemma insists she’s not in the mood and wants to be on her own. Gemma confides in Rita how she read Chesney’s texts to Tyrone and she fears their relationship is over as it’s clear she’s ruining his life.

Seb returns home and asks Jan if he can borrow his tools to sort out Rachel’s loo at the nail bar. Having fixed the nail bar loo, Seb tries to chat up Alina but she’s dismissive and Seb heads out deflated.

After a change of heart, Abi asks Brian if he’d be prepared to give her some private tutoring. Brian’s flattered and sets her some homework to be going on with.

Second episode of Coronation Street tonight.