Coronation Street spoilers: Evelyn Plummer dreads the return of Hope and Fiz

Tyrone is excited that Fiz and Hope are coming back home, but Evelyn Plummer isn’t so sure…

As Tyrone prepares for Fiz and Hope’s return to Coronation Street, it’s clear Evelyn Plummer doesn’t share his enthusiasm. Tyrone realises with horror that he’s forgotten to enrol Hope at Bessie Street for the new school year.

Gary goes over the factory plans with Sarah. When Adam quizzes him about his altercation with Derek, Gary plays it down and Adam remains suspicious.

Gary, Adam, Coronation Street

Gary tells a suspicious Adam that his altercation with Derek wasn’t important

Robert is flustered when CCTV from the street he said his van was on show he wasn’t there. Claiming he had got muddled he thinks he is off the hook until Jed turns up at the Bistro and makes it clear he is willing to tell Michelle everything. How can Robert stop Jed from ruining his life?

Eileen confides in a shocked Seb that Jan was working undercover for the police and he’s asked her to move to away with him. Does Seb think it’s a good idea or will he warn Eileen to stay away?

As Yasmeen and Alya head home, they bump into Geoff. Yasmeen asks after his health and explains to Alya that Geoff’s been suffering from heart palpitations. Alya assures Geoff that he means an awful lot to Yasmeen and implores him not to give up on her. Geoff’s secretly chuffed.

First episode of Coronation Street this evening.