Coronation Street spoilers: Emma has news for Steve McDonald…

Emma is sick of the tension between Steve McDonald and Amy

Fed up of Steve McDonald and Amy’s continual sniping, Emma suggests that they take it in turns to pick something fun that they can all do together in the first episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings). Steve has first pick, but will his choice make the gulf between him even Amy even wider?

Coronation Street spoilers: Emma has news for Steve McDonald…

Emma is determined to fix the rift between Steve McDonald and Amy

Worried Michelle tells Carla her suspicions about Robert’s whereabouts, the baby talk and the necklace, but when she quizzes him he is able to plausibly answer her questions. Will she force him to tell the truth? Meanwhile, one of the midwives recognises Robert and when Vicky comes for a check up she tells her there has been in an accident! As she rushes to be by his side Robert masks his panic.

Robert Preston in hospital

Robert panics when Vicky visits him at the hospital. Will Michelle and Vicky finally meet?

Roy and Carla go back to Richard’s and are let in by a care worker who reveals Richard is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. Nina is less than impressed to find them there but Roy simply says he is his online Scrabble opponent.

Knowing they need to pay the hotel bill Gemma and Chesney agree to meet Tara to discuss the Frescho offer. They are stunned when they are offered £60k.