Coronation Street spoilers: A drunk Toyah Battersby kisses Imran

Toyah Battersby finds comfort with Imran after meeting Peter

After her lunch with Peter, an upset Toyah Battersby calls at the solicitors’ office looking for Leanne. However it’s Imran she finds and after a few comforting words and a bottle of wine she finds herself kissing him passionately!

Coronation Street spoilers: A drunk Toyah Battersby kisses Imran

Explaining the hospital made a mistake, Jim shows Liz a DNA test which confirms Hannah is their daughter and there was a mix up at birth. Handing Liz a photo of Hannah, Jim urges her to get in touch. Visibly shaken Liz stares at the photo and breaks down. Meanwhile, seeing Steve is stressed by Jim’s return, Tracy books them a few days away.

After a spending and gambling spree Ryan reveals he’s skint already. However when he tells Ali that years ago he invested £50 in a crypto-currency called Whip-coin, he’s gobsmacked when an internet search reveals it’s now worth £250k!

Ryan comes into some series money

Taking Billy’s hand, Josh thanks him for showing him how to pray and become a better person, while Billy’s wracked with guilt.

Second episode of Coronation Street being shown this evening.