Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne and Bethany go OFFICIAL!

Daniel Osbourne kisses Bethany in the Rovers

In the second episode of Coronation Street tonight (8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) Daniel Osbourne finds Bethany in the Rovers and in front of a packed pub, announces that they’re now an item and everyone better get used to it.

A guilty Maria returns to the flat and confronts Gary about his shady dealings. But when both Ike and Ryan back him up and explain that his money to Ike was a gift and the parcel Ryan had was an engagement ring she starts to realise she has made a huge mistake.

Ali meanwhile is convinced he and Maria are an item once more. Can she put him straight before Gary finds out about their steamy clinch?

Maria Connor fears she's made a mistake in Coronation Street

Maria Connor fears she’s made a mistake

Danny urges James to pluck up the courage and tell Ed that he’s gay, convinced that he’s more open minded than James might think. Will he agree? Ed tells Aggie how his old mate Danny has declared himself gay.

Sarah and Adam tentatively broach the subject of their wedding with David, who assures them that they mustn’t put their lives on hold for Shona and should go ahead with their plans. Abi turns up at the charity gala with a plan to expose Ray but will it work?