Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor deals with the aftermath of the factory collapse

Carla Connor is shocked to discover that Wayne, Roy and Hayley’s foster child, is now a health and safety inspector.

As tributes are laid outside the factory, it’s clear that there are those on the street who are keen to conceal their guilt. Carla Connor, Nick and Gary are all aware they could be looking at a manslaughter charge if it’s proved they knew how dangerous the roof was. What plans will they put in place to ensure this doesn’t happen?

Meanwhile, a man enters the cafe and reveals he’s Wayne Hayes, the boy Roy and Hayley fostered years ago. As Carla arrives at the police station for questioning she’s shocked to discover that Wayne is the health and safety inspector. Gary is also called to make a statement. Unable to face everyone after her negligent behaviour, Carla decides to get away for a few days, but where is she planning to go? And will the rest of the Street allow her to escape her demons?

In the aftermath of the factory collapse one family face the devastation, grief and anger that comes with losing a loved one. Meanwhile, one of the residents is convinced they are to blame for the collapse…

*Hour Long Episode*

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm.