Coronation Street spoilers: Bethany Platt GETS REVENGE on Ray

Bethany Platt plays Ray at his own game

In the first episode of Coronation Street tonight (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) when Ray asks Alya and Bethany Platt to be extra nice to some investors, Bethany feels exploited and serves one of them with childish ice cream leaving Ray quietly furious.

Coronation Street spoilers: Bethany Platt plays Ray at his own game

Bethany gets one up on Ray infront of his peers

Geoff continues to give Yasmeen a hard time, refusing to eat the breakfast she has made him and threatening to post videos of her online to show how pathetic she is. He tells her has had some inquiries about his act and she can make amends by doing some rehearsals.

But when she gets in the box he gets his keys and leaves her locked in he heads out to the pub. Will anyone come to her rescue and discover what Geoff is really like?

Roy spots the fact that Nina has her big rucksack with her but she disappears before he can quiz her further. Later, he’s perplexed when Beth says that she caught Nina going through the factory bins.

Tim tries to worm his way back in with Sally by playing the track from their first wedding dance through the letterbox. But Sally sends him away with a flea in his ear…