Convincing her she needs to speak to her Mum and Dad, Liz leads a nervous Amy Barlow home to face Steve and Tracy. Whilst Tracy remains calm when Amy explains her situation, Steve flies off the handle and storms into the corner shop accusing Aadi of getting Amy pregnant.

Amy’s mortified when she finds out as she realises that the whole school will be talking about her. When Steve demands to know who the Dad is, will Amy reveal his name?

Coronation Street spoilers: Amy Barlow tells Tracy and Steve that she’s pregnant

Amy tells all to Tracy and Steve

With Audrey having moved in, Sarah’s horrified to learn that she and Gary are now on lilos on the living room floor. Aware of the pressure she’s putting on the family, Audrey tells Gary that if the price is right she’d like him to fix her dry rot. Later, Gary’s thrilled when Nicola arrives on the street to visit Eileen.

But Sarah inwardly fumes when she clocks the designer clothes Gary bought Zack for Christmas.

Nicola reminds Gary he’s behind with his maintenance payments but he assures her it’s in hand as he’s just landed a big contract. Is he telling the truth?

Gary’s thrilled when Nicola arrives on the street to visit Eileen.

Look who’s back!

Roy returns home to find Carla giving a description of him to the police. He apologises for causing any inconvenience or panic, explaining he spent the night train spotting and he’s sorry for worrying her.

The nurse tells Sinead that Bertie is making good progress.