Coronation Street spoilers: Ali Neeson collapses when he can’t get his fix!

Dr Gaddas isn’t fooled when Ali Neeson begs for more drugs (part one of our preview of tonight's hour-long episode)

Ali Neeson goes to see Dr Gaddas in Coronation Street and desperately trying to hide his withdrawal symptoms, begs for a diazepam prescription. But Dr Gaddas isn’t fooled and urges him to get help for his addiction. Insisting she’s got it wrong, Ali leaves. After also failing to pocket some of Carla’s anxiety pills, he heads home empty handed where he starts sweating and shaking. As Ryan arrives he’s horrified to find Ali on the floor, convulsing.

When Bernie takes Gemma shopping for maternity clothes, Chesney wonders where she’s found the money. His suspicions are confirmed when he uncovers the positive pregnancy test scam. Furious Gemma turns her anger on Bernie and tells her to go. But as Bernie tries to leave the shop, the alarm goes off.

Gemma, Coronation Street

Gemma is furious with her mum after Chesney discovers the pregnancy test scam

Sinead asks Beth to tell people her sad news as she can’t deal with the pity in their faces. Chesney’s devastated but when he tries to offer some words of comfort Sinead makes it clear she doesn’t want his sympathy.

Kate asks Sophie if she’d like to go travelling with her. Meanwhile when Craig reveals he saw Gary slipping the envelope of cash into her bag, Kate’s baffled and goes to confront him. An old school friend, Michelle, contacts Kevin online wanting to meet up.