Connie’s day goes from bad to worse

Connie’s having a stressful day: she’s struggling to find a solution for Elliot’s patient, Joanne, who’s just suffered a stroke and she’s getting frustrated with her new nanny who keeps calling with pointless queries. Connie battles to perform a risky operation on Joanne, and is delighted when it’s a success. Connie’s feeling triumphant but the problems of the day mean that she’s late leaving the hospital for Grace. At that moment, the nanny turns up in the taxi and delivers the devastating news to Connie that baby Grace has fallen and needs to be urgently admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, Linden feels guilty for not treating Chloe Baxter. He goes to confession, but realises that he needs to actively absolve himself for his lapse so he does everything he can to help a patient who later turns out to be a convicted paedophile. When Mark finds out he’s furious. Also, Maria succeeds in impressing Sam and is delighted when they go for coffee. But Kyla soon dampens Maria’s mood when she warns Maria that she’ll only be another notch on Sam’s bedpost.