Connie tries to restore order

Connie returns to Holby in the wake of the recent shootings and finds Darwin understaffed and in chaos. In a bid to restore efficiency on the ward, she begins to stamp her authority and ends up offending Chrissie and clashing with both Stuart and Jayne.

Donna arrives for work and is stunned to learn that she’s been nominated for the Nurse Of The Year award. Eager to impress, Donna makes a real fuss over her first patient Dolly – but Dolly is far from friendly. Later, when Donna learns there’s been a clerical error – she isn’t nominated – Michael is there to cheer her up.

Chrissie finds her her first day back at work tough, and doesn’t respond well to Stuart’s suggestion that she should see a counsellor. But she’s touched by his concern, and upset to hear that he may soon be leaving.