Jenny grapples with her secret, Pete is preoccupied with Evan, and David struggles with being a kept man since Nikki’s windfall in this week’s Cold Feet

Following Karen’s pep talk and son Matt’s disgust at his behaviour last week, Adam is (slightly reluctantly) attempting to mend his ways by trying a spot of drama therapy.

But will he see the light and be able to resurrect his relationship with Matt?

Cold Feet Pictured: Jenny Gifford [Fay Ripley].

Jenny (Fay Ripley) is putting a brave face on her troubles

Meanwhile, Pete (John Thomson) tries to help suicidal Evan, who he saved from drowning last week, David (Robert Bathurst) reaches a big decision when he finds it increasingly hard to be a ‘kept man’ and feels controlled by Nikki, and Karen (Hermoine Norris) has grave concerns after she makes an alarming discovery about daughter Ellie’s online activities.

But all eyes will 
be on Fay Ripley’s stunning performance as Jenny, who is battling to keep the possibility she has cancer a secret when she goes for tests…

TV Times rating: ****