Clifford bids farewell to Holby – and Maddy

Clifford is offered a job by the company that ran the stent trials and he says he might consider it. Louise turns up at Clifford’s office and tells him she’s left Alex but, later, when Clifford reveals that he’s told Alex all about their affair, Louise tells Clifford she doesn’t know what she wants.

Clifford’s made up his mind: he’s leaving for his new job in Strasburg – without Louise – and Jayne reluctantly agrees to let him go. Maddy agrees to meet Clifford after work, but as they talk, a hopeful Maddy realises that Clifford doesn’t love her and she tearfully watches him drive away from Holby…

Also, having come to terms with the fact that his son James is a heroin addict, Elliot tells James that he’s willing to support his habit until they can help him properly. But James is soon abusing Elliot’s good nature.

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