Cilla takes her revenge on Les

Chesney is worried about how life will change if Cilla becomes ill and he tells Kirk his suspicions that Les and Yana have been playing around. Chesney’s fears increase when he returns home to find Les and Yana together.

Meanwhile, a relieved Cilla discovers that her cancer hasn’t spread, but her mood changes when Chesney lets slip that Les and Yana have been up to no good. Cilla is furious to be betrayed by her husband and her best friend and, without thinking, she blurts out a huge lie – that her cancer is terminal.

Frankie is uneasy about Danny’s disappearance and is wondering whether she should report him missing. She gives Danny’s mum Viv a call to see if she’s heard from her son, but Viv has heard nothing and Frankie starts to worry that something terrible may have happened to her ex. She resolves to get to the bottom of it.

Tracy’s self-inflicted iron burn has worked wonders with the neighbours as Gail suspects that Charlie inflicted the wound. Tracy manipulates Gail further by subtle allusions to Charlie’s bad temper and is ultra smug when it’s clear that Gail is sucked in by her play-acting.

Also, the rift in Sarah and Jason’s relationship appears to be healing as they play happy families with Bethany at Santa’s Grotto.