Coronation Street spoilers: Has Chesney Brown had enough of Gemma’s antics?

Chesney Brown tells Tyrone that he is unsure if he and Gemma have a future.

Chesney Brown hurtles down the stairs to find the washing machine flooding the kitchen and an oblivious Gemma preoccupied with her headphones on. A mortified Gemma promises to buy him a replacement. In the hope of finding a cheap deal, she and Paul head to Hong Kong Stuey and return home with a number of boxes, much to the curiosity of Rita.

As Chesney returns home, he’s horrified to hear blaring music and see smoke billowing from under the front door. With Tyrone’s help he breaks the door down to find Gemma and Paul dancing in the living room with a new sound system, a smoke machine and Rita watching in amusement on the couch. Chesney is furious at Gemma for wasting money, and admits to Tyrone that having her in the house is like having another toddler and he is unsure if they have a future.

Has Chesney Brown had enough of Gemma’s antics?

A remorseful Carla tells Johnny how sorry she is for her part in Rana’s death and how she’ll do anything to make it up to Kate, but Johnny advises her to steer clear as Kate is too fragile. Ken urges Carla to focus on the future and do something positive for the factory girls who are worried about their jobs. When Nick calls a factory meeting to speak about the future he is interrupted by Carla who is armed with a proposition which might save their jobs. After the chaos of the first memorial Kate resolves to hold another for Rana while Carla asks Yasmeen to use the community centre as a temporary factory, angering Imran. Will the service be the mark of respect Kate is hoping for?

Nick calls a factory meeting to speak about the future

When Brian shows Geoff his empty planter, Geoff offers Brian some gardening advice and suggests he talks to his plants.

Brian’s put out when Roy reveals that he and Wayne have done some further research into the origins of the Egyptian ring without his help. Roy’s quest for information continues when he later tells Brian he needs a few days away and is going to Portsmouth to do some further research on the ring.

When Natalie comes into the barber’s demanding her money or a job, David offers her a week’s trial. On her first day Leanne calls in and recognises Natalie as Nick’s ‘solicitor’. Is the game up for Nick?

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