Chas walks away from Carl

Chas prepares to see Jamie off on his trip to find the development foreman, but the pair are stunned when it becomes clear that a scheming Tom has got to the foreman first and he’s no longer in St Tropez.

Tom lays into Chas for betraying the family and warns her that Carl will never forgive her. After a spat with Rosemary, Chas realises that she has no option but to walk away from Carl for good. Meanwhile, Bob and Jamie burn down the development billboard.

Matthew is shocked when Jimmy announces that he and Kelly are a couple again and he wonders what Kelly is up to. Matthew tells Kelly that if she’s after the Kings’ money she’s out of luck as Jimmy has no access to the company funds. Kelly is taken aback, but she resolves to continue her plan to take Jimmy for all she can get.

Diane’s erratic behaviour continues to cause chaos when she convinces Jack, Daz and Victoria to join her on a bike ride. Diane challenges Daz to a race and tumbles off her bike. Jack snaps and suggests that there’s something up with Diane and she needs to see a doctor. Diane assures Jack that she’s fine – she just wants to live life to the full after her troubles over the last few years.