Charity begins in Casualty

When Alice spots Abs sitting in his camper van, topless and sporting red hair, he reveals that he’s doing a sponsored sleep for Red Nose Day. Later, a teenage patient gets into Abs’ van without him realising, and drives off. He accelerates around a corner and turns the van over but Abs manages to escape unharmed.

While most of the staff are trying to do their bit for Comic Relief, Nathan isn’t in the most charitable of moods and orders everyone to stop fundraising while at work. Kelsey snaps back that Harry would have allowed it.

Later, Angus Deayton arrives at the hospital for a splinter in his finger, and Sam cunningly ropes him into hosting a ‘slave’ auction. The female staff attempt to outbid each other for Guppy, and are surprised when Nadia secures the highest bid at £100. When uptight Nathan calls an end to slave auction, Alice stands up to him.

Elsewhere, former nurse Megan returns to the hospital when her grandson is admitted for self-harm. Kindly Megan gives Nathan a lesson in working at the hospital and manages to lighten his mood. Nathan congratulates staff on their fundraising efforts and continues to make donations of his own – to Alice’s ‘swear box’.