Casualty spoilers: Dixie lands in Holby!

Casualty revealed: Dixie pays Iain a surprise visit and Archie considers revenge…

Warning: Contains Casualty spoilers!

Welcome back Dixie

Dixie and Iain work seamlessly together to save the life of a young boy

Dixie and Iain work seamlessly together to save the life of a young boy

Casualty is a real crowd pleaser this week thanks to a flying visit from former cast member Jane Hazlegrove – who is also currently causing mischief in Corrie as Gemma Winter’s mum, Bernie!

Paramedic Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) is shocked but delighted when Kathleen ‘Dixie’ Dixon turns up in Holby. It’s the first of two special guest appearances from Jane, which ultimately lead to Michael Stevenson’s departure from the medical drama.

Dixie’s working with HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services) and flies in to assist Iain and Ruby Sparks on a life-or-death rescue.

Later the two friends have a meaningful heart-to-heart about the old days, including memories of colleagues Jeff and Sam, who both tragically died in the line of duty.

It’s around this time that Dixie makes suggestion to Iain about his future…

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Archie seeks revenge

Doctor of justice. Something doesn't add up when Archie treats Vincent... (C) BBC -

Doctor of justice. Something doesn’t add up when Archie treats Vincent…

Doctor Archie Hudson is fighting fit in Casualty this week. Having recently returned to work after a near-fatal stabbing while trying to expose clinical lead Connie Beauchamp’s drug addiction, Archie’s been itching to get taken off minor cases and stuck onto something more substantial.

Acting clinical lead Dylan Keogh finally grants Archie (Genesis Lynea) her wish to work on more serious cases, and soon she’s completely immersed in a complicated situation, full of twists and turns!

Events kick off when retired schoolmaster Vincent Millbank is attacked in the face with acid by a younger man in a hoodie. Distraught, Vincent (Mad Dogs’ Tim Woodward) manages to drive himself to the ED in his prized classic Jaguar, where Archie and nurse Jade Lovall spring into action in order to save his sight.

Meanwhile, doctor Will Noble – who’s been asked by Dylan to keep out eye for Archie – is treating, Seb Sanderson, brought to the ED after being hit by a car…

Alarm bells ring for eagle-eyed Archie when she spots that Seb (A Discovery of Witches’ David Newman) has burns on his hands similar to Vincent’s injuries. Archie carefully begins to unravel a tragic tale involving the two men, before taking sides and meting out her own justice…

How far will Archie go to right a wrong?

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Also in Casualty this week…

Dylan Keogh gives Rash a dressing down for wasting resources

You can bet the hospital that Dylan Keogh has some choice words for Rash in Casualty

Battles lines are drawn between junior doctors Rash and Mason! Grieving Rash acts, well, rashly – which is completely out of character for the conscientious young medic.

Desperate to teach Mason a lesson, Rash takes a bet that he may regret…

What is it about Mason that grinds his gears?

Later, when Dylan comes back from a meeting, he’s unimpressed by the junior doctors and doesn’t mince his words…

Guest starring in Casualty this week is Taylor Marshall, who played Ben and Susan’s grandson Kenzo in My Family and a young version of Tony in Hollyoaks. He turns up in Holby ED as Fred, loving big brother to Alfie.

When Alfie comes off his bike and injures himself Fred makes a decision that may cost Alfie his life.

The paramedics and HEMS battle to save Alfie at the scene. But it’s touch and go… Fred blames himself.

This episode Casualty airs on BBC1 at 8.40pm on Saturday, 7th September

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