Casualty spoilers: Ian Dean takes a big risk!

We must confess, we’re 
a bit worried about paramedic Iain Dean. His PTSD has resulted in risky behaviour lately, and tonight Iain’s death-wish mentality comes to a head when he steps forward after a gun has been fired repeatedly at bailiffs out 
to repossess a farm.

Iain claims that he counted the shots, and there are no bullets left in the gun. But we’re counting too, Iain, and we’re not quite so sure…

A terrified Ruby also isn’t convinced, but Iain refuses to listen to her.

Louise wants to help Ernest (played by Paul Barber), but can she do anything for him in this Saturday’s Casualty?

Also tonight Only Fools and Horses star Paul Barber – who fans of the hit sitcom will remember as loveable Denzil – makes a guest appearance as homeless patient Ernest who comes in for a check up. Louise is convinced that she can help – but then she learns something shocking which makes her question everything.

Elsewhere, Charlie is celebrating his birthday, but will Duffy get him a card?

TV Times rating: ****

Casualty continues this Saturday on BBC1.