Cassie gets cold feet

Macca agrees to move out of the caravan park, as it’s too awkward living so close to Cassie. The loved-up pair agree to meet in secret later at the clifftop. But just as Cassie is heading out to see Macca, Ric turns up out of the blue for a surprise visit – he had the morning off.

Cassie’s disappointment grows as Ric gets romantic and she tries and fails to tell him about Macca. Then Macca arrives, wondering why Cassie hasn’t made their date, and realises what’s happened when he sees Ric. Ric later heads back to the city, much to guilty Cassie’s relief.

Still trying to find a connection between the pyro and Drew, Jack’s suspicious when Dave the fireman turns up and questions Rice about the case in a little too much detail. Jack looks at Dave’s file and finds that he lived near Drew’s boarding school and moved to the Bay only two weeks before the first pyro attack.

But when the DNA tests on the canister of kerosene found at the fire scene come in – they reveal the DNA belongs to Peter Baker!

Also, Drew is feeling especially awkward around Amanda after accidentally seeing Amanda in the nude, and when Amanda turns up to invite them to lunch at Irene’s, he can’t take his eyes off her.