Can Cassie resist Macca?

Guilty Cassie tells Macca they can’t go on – it’s not fair on Ric. Macca’s not happy and tells her she’s got to make a choice. Cassie gives in, and the pair share another passionate embrace. Cassie realises she must tell Ric the truth- she wants to be with Macca.

Puzzling over the pyro case, Jack questions Drew on whether there’s anyone who would want to frame him.

Later, as Drew walks to the Surf Club with Belle, a mystery voyeur takes photos of him from a distance. They then drop a stack of photos of Belle and Drew on to a table with a canister of kerosene and a box of matches on it…

Nervously waiting for her surgery, Matilda cheers up when Dean arrives with a bunch of flowers, although Lucas isn’t so pleased.

Later, Lucas sees Dean near the beach arguing with the same guy Dean claimed to be his brother. After discussing the scene with Drew and Belle, Lucas is puzzled to learn that Dean is an only child and doesn’t have a brother – why would he lie? Intending to find out, Lucas confronts Dean, but he tells Lucas to get lost.

Lucas voices his concerns to Matilda, but she’s furious. Later, Lucas tells Dean he won’t let him hurt Mattie.