Be my girlfriend: Brody asks Ziggy to go public in Home and Away…

Brody wants to stop hiding the fact that he and Ziggy are an item but she wants to wait.

It’s stress central at the Morgans. Brody has tons on his mind – he wants to go public with his romance with Ziggy but she thinks it’s a terrible idea. He’s also got the Mason situation to think about. And that soon comes to a head as Mason is discharged from hospital and returns home. Before long, he violently launches himself at Brody, ranting and raving about his brother having caused his injuries!

Upset, Brody visits Ziggy to talk about what’s gone on. She’s busy helping Olivia with her photoshoot and soon finds herself in front of the camera lens.

Tori is still cringing about Ash catching sight of her exiting the shower with no clothes on. Angry, she lashes out at Brody – and Justin too. To make matters worse for Tori, the embarrassing encounter is making its way round the Bay.