A gift for Ziggy – Brody puts some bling on it!

Brody gives Ziggy a bracelet to say thank you for being there for him through recent tough times

The situation between the squabbling siblings comes to a head at the Morgans. Justin’s had just about enough of Mason and Brody putting each other through hell. Ordering his loved ones to get into the car, Justin drives them to their parents’ graves where some serious thinking  and reflection happens. Mason and Brody end up hugging it out. Phew.

Later, relieved to have swallowed his beef with Mason, Brody gets a visitor. It’s Ziggy and he’s got a present for her, a  bracelet, to say thanks for being there for him through his recent tough times. Things get steamy and they disappear into Brody’s bedroom…

At Irene’s, Ash is in the middle of moving in. Irene can’t help quizzing him about Tori. Ash feels he’s done all he can and has basically given up. When Tori calls in to have it out with him, will Ash finally get his girl?