Brad struggles with Emily’s illness

Brad is shaken by Emily’s news and angrily hits out at Sally for not telling him the truth about Emily’s illness.

Emily tracks down Brad at the Surf Club and explains why she wasn’t honest with him. The pair agree to deal with things together from now on. Later, Brad apologises to Sally about his behaviour before breaking down, as he struggles to cope with the fear of what lies ahead for him and Emily.

Macca’s arrival at the diner causes Cassie’s mood to change and she starts acting extra flirty around a suspicious Ric. Uneasy, he questions Cassie about whether her change in mood has anything to do with Macca. Cassie denies it, but later reacts jealously when she sees Macca and Amanda getting on well in the diner. Macca is stunned when he realises Cassie still has feelings for him!

Tasha arrives home with baby Ella, but seems overwhelmed. When Morag arrives to discuss Robbie’s court case, their chat is interrupted by Ella’s crying, and Martha is disturbed to see Tasha ignoring her, leaving Martha to check on the baby.

Later, Martha finds Tasha in the bedroom staring emotionless at the baby. Tasha burts into tears, admitting she doesn’t love her baby and feels she’s a terrible mum.