Brad quits the bay

Brad is in shock as Emily’s body is taken away. Back at home, Sally, Rachel and Kim listen as Brad reminisces about the good times with Emily. The others comment on how well he’s coping, but are stunned when he announces he’s leaving the Bay! He explains he doesn’t want to be reminded of Emily and nothing anyone can say can change his mind.

Alf listens to Cassie talking awkwardly to Ric on the phone, and asks her about Macca’s new girlfriend. Increasingly flustered, Cassie makes her excuses and leaves, leaving Alf feeling curious. Later, Macca finds Cassie up on the cliff top, deep in thought. On edge, Cassie tells Macca she doesn’t want to lie any more.

Colleen is cleaning at Amanda’s when Macca arrives, and she overhears him telling Amanda that he’s seeing a woman who already has a boyfriend.

Colleen drops in to see Alf and tells him that Macca’s new woman is actually spoken for. Growing worried, Alf tracks down Macca at the beach and interrogates him. Macca acts oblivious, before angry Alf suggests that he and Cassie are seeing each other behind Ric’s back.