Boyd fears for Max grow

Max tells Boyd he’s sure Elle is out to get revenge on him but Boyd’s unsure, distracted by Max’s uncharacteristic behaviour.

Later, Max confronts Paul about Elle’s conduct, but Paul’s furious and attacks Max for slurring his daughter. Clearly not able to hold it together, Max heads to Cameron’s crash site, where he breaks down, and is found by a worried Boyd.

Ned is finding it tough dealing with his feelings for Carmella and living with her, while Carmella is worried she’ll never be able to find her cousin and return to the convent. Ned suggests she consider life away from the church, and he and Carmella end up sharing a passionate kiss in the kitchen.

Boyd apologises after Toadie confronts him about his spiteful attack, but suggests he back off and leave Steph and Max to their own devices for a bit. Mindful of his secret feelings for Steph, Toadie decides to accept a career move to Sydney.

Also, Paul decides to sell 40 per cent of his business to spend more time with his family; Susan hires a pet psychologist to help Karl and Audrey’s competitive aggression; and Katya helps Zeke boost his ego.