Billy faces losing Petal

Billy’s façade begins to crack when he’s faced with the reality of losing Petal and he tells Honey he can’t bear to see their baby go into care.

Honey is insistent and reveals that Petal’s new foster parents can take her immediately. Billy is in agony as foster couple Kim and Tony gather up Petal and her belongings and he says a final farewell to his little girl.

Peggy is still feeling disgusted by Pauline’s cancer lie, but decides to go ahead with the party anyway and she gets Minty and Garry to move Arthur’s bench to make way for the mobile stage. Pauline makes a fuss when she sees what they’re up to, but Yolande reveals that everyone knows about her lies.

A mortified Pauline retreats to her house and when she spies Martin, Sonia and Rebecca laughing together she storms into the Square and spitefully tells Martin that she’s selling his veg stall to the council – he’ll be out of a job.

Stacey has found out about Bradley’s office Christmas party and asks if she can attend. Bradley is reluctant to let his brash and brassy girlfriend loose in front of his workmates and admits to Max that he lied to her that there are no guests allowed.

Also, Dawn lies to Rob that she’s already had the abortion, and Darren has his eye on Li at Peggy’s Christmas party!