EastEnders Spoilers: Bernadette Taylor faces her fears – over the chessboard!

With some support from Ted Murray, Bernadette Taylor is persuaded to go to the chess competition but will she end up humiliated as mum Karen Taylor fears?

Bernadette Taylor gets increasingly terrified the closer it gets to the chess competition that Ted Murray has signed her up for. A concerned Karen thinks Ted is just setting Bernie up for a disappointment. Not wanting her to be completely humiliated, Karen reckons that Bernadette should drop out. Ted, however, is confident that Bernadette is good enough to hold her own in the tournament. After a plea from Bernadette, he arranges to meet her at the competition for moral support. Bernie gets the jitters when Ted is delayed but he finally arrives. How will Bernadette do?

Keanu is frustrated living at home, confessing to Jay it’s almost impossible to get romantic time for him and Ingrid. Jay suggests that Keanu move into Ben’s old room and Keanu is well up for it – or would be – if he didn’t feel like he needed to keep an eye on his mum. Jay insists that Karen can look after herself and Keanu agrees to move in after all. But an incident at home makes him change his mind…

Stacey realises that her neighbours really haven’t forgiven the Slaters for trying to pull the wool over their eyes! Determined to make things right, Stacey invites everyone to the Queen Vic that evening so that she can explain.