Belle and Drew do a runner

Drew arranges to meet Belle outside the Surf Club that night, but Dan catches him leaving and they have an almighty row, ending with Drew raising a fist to Dan.

Later, Drew and Belle decide to skip school and end up getting intimate over at Drew’s while Amanda and Dan are out. But Sally notices the missing kids and calls Amanda who heads straight over to Leah’s, and is furious to catch a naked Drew and a towel-draped Belle! Later, fed up and frustrated Drew calls Belle and asks her to skip town with him.

Brad is feeling guilty about firing Tony, but Emily reassures him that he had no choice. Sally’s feeling bad about her emotional reaction to Brad’s decision and apologises for her behaviour before inviting them both to dinner.

But at the dinner, Sally notices that Emily seems a lot sicker than she’s letting on, and Emily admits to Sally that she is getting worse, but asks her to keep quiet as she doesn’t want Brad to know. Sally agrees but has her reservations…

Tony tries to put on a brave face about his job loss, but is worried about being 40 and unemployed in a small town. Meanwhile, Lucas has a go at Brad for firing his dad.

Also, Macca is back in town.