Becca’s court case arrives

It’s the day of Becca’s trial and the thought of Justin not turning up at court is the only thing keeping her going. But just when she’s beginning to hope she may escape the underage sex charges, Justin turns up, surprising Nancy, Jake and Becca.

And there’s another surprise to come for Becca when an unexpected witness arrives to take the stand – Nicole!

Michaela is thrilled to receive a Christmas card from her dad so isn’t best pleased when Carmel and Myra joke about him, and how uninvolved he is in their lives. And her frustration grows when Myra keeps shattering her rosy image of her dad. Luckily, the sisters manage to make up when Carmel reveals to Michaela how terrible things were between Myra and their dad while they were growing up.

Still intent on bagging John-Paul, Hannah prepares a romantic evening for him. However, he puts a dampener on her plan for time alone by bringing Sarah and Claire round. Sarah encourages a disappointed Hannah to take control of the situation by making the first move. Hannah decides to go for it – but fate conspires against her yet again.