Becca collapses in the dock

At the court, Nancy’s puzzled when Justin fails to show up, while Jake’s attempts to comfort Becca fall on deaf ears.

The verdict arrives but the stress is too much for Becca and she collapses in the dock, leaving Jake, Nancy and Becca’s mum severely worried about the state of Becca and her unborn baby’s health.

Meanwhile, Justin is torn over whether to attend Becca’s verdict, but is distracted by Sasha. The pair share a passionate embrace before they end up in bed together just as Becca is receiving her verdict…

Dominic and OB are worried about Max’s whereabouts, especially when OB sees Clare dragging Tom across the village, and Clare is forced to think on her feet when Tom tells Warren he’s not seen Max in ages. Meanwhile, Max is growing increasingly concerned for his health and worries when Clare refuses to let him see a doctor. Elsewhere, Warren is pleased when Clare announces she’s planning to liquidise some of Max’s assets.

Also, Michaela winds John-Paul up about Hannah, who’s absolutely smitten with him after spending the night together. But John-Paul isn’t so keen and admits to Tina that he feels Hannah pressured him into sleeping with her and he doesn’t feel the same way.