Ayesha’s anger is out of control

Can anyone help Ayesha with her grief?

Ayesha is in a foul mood with everyone at work and the only person safe from her temper is Valerie – and that’s because Ayesha moved in with her over the weekend. Al is disgusted by Ayesha’s behaviour and decides to report last week’s stunt to Mrs Tembe, who then has to tell Emma that Ayesha was the reason why patients refused to take medical advice from her. Later, Mrs Tembe advises Valerie to tread carefully with Ayesha as she’s in a vulnerable place. Will Valerie listen? Also, how will Ayesha react when she sees Valerie and Emma sharing a joke?

Meanwhile, Karen’s anger towards Rob has turned into worry, as she hasn’t heard from him in days. In fact her lack of concentration puts her in Sid’s bad books. Valerie checks in with her and, after speaking to Jimmi, Karen decides to go back home, but when she returns, Rob isn’t there…