Ayesha faces the consequences of her actions

It seems that Ayesha's mischievous plan has backfired

Ayesha seems in better spirits as she starts the day, laughing and joking with Al at home. When Al gets to work, Jimmi asks how things are with Ayesha and asks how long she’s going to stay with him. Their conversation is soon interrupted, however, by a panicked Emma, who explains to Jimmi and Al that many of her patients suddenly want to see different doctors.

Later, Al sees Linda Gregson – a patient Ayesha encouraged to make a complaint against Emma. Linda demands to have the medication that Emma refused to give her and threatens to make a complaint against him too!

Al soon realises that Linda made a complaint against Emma and asks Ayesha if she was behind it. When Al realises that Ayesha played a part in the complaint, Al’s livid and makes a drastic decision leaving Ayesha stunned…

Meanwhile, Karen confides in Mrs Tembe that her marriage is on the line thanks to Rob’s lies to social services. However, Karen’s left upset by Mrs Tembe’s words of wisdom. What advice has Mrs Tembe given her friend?

Later, Karen turns to Valerie, who suggests that she confronts Rob. Karen takes her advice and rushes home, but the Hollins’ house is empty. Where has Rob gone?