Barry Humphries narrates a new three-part documentary on BBC2, exploring the curious and enchanting wildlife unique to Australia

A huge continent separated 
from all other land, Australia is home to some extraordinary creatures.

This three-part series reveals some of the amazing adaptations they’ve developed to survive in such an extreme and diverse landscape.

While it does focus on some of the lesser-known Aussie animals, there’s also fun footage of kick-fighting kangaroos.

Australia: Earth's Magical Kingdom: Short-beaked Echidna Spiny Anteater (Tachyglossus aculeatus). Adult walking in grass. South Australia Kangaroo Island

Watch out for the palm cockatoo, a drumming bird that breaks off a stick and taps out a tune for his mate, and the curious spiny echidna (above).

But perhaps the most startling footage is of a type of tarantula so recently discovered that it doesn’t even have a name.

Barry Humphries narrates.

TV Times rating: HHHH