EastEnders Spoilers: Arshad Ahmed fears that he’s under attack!

Arshad tells Masood that someone is plotting a break in, Mel offers a helping hand to Max, Whitney worries that Halfway has dumped her.

Arshad is concerned when he discovers that their CCTV camera has been vandalised. Mariam is away and when she calls to check on him and Harley, he lies and says that all is fine. Concerned that someone is planning something sinister, however, Arshad tells Masood about the cameras. They agree to call the police and social services.

Max’s return to the Square has not gone down well with most of the residents. He’s still in everyone’s bad books – to say the least! The locals are taken aback when he drops a huge bombshell…

While Mick and Linda Carter tell him he’s not welcome in the Vic. Mel, however, is fine with Max and tells him he can use E20. Jack is not happy. When Stacey sees Max she is stunned but not as much as when he shares his big news. What can it be?

Tiffany is worried about being sent back to Milton Keynes to live with Bianca, as she’s really settled in the Square.

So, to make up for her recent behaviour, she arranges a romantic video call date for Whitney and Halfway. But Whitney is left concerned when Halfway doesn’t answer. Has he lost interest in her?