A woman gives birth in a hotel room – despite not knowing she was pregnant, in this week’s episode of Ambulance

Back for a new run, this brilliant observational series joins the ambulance crews and control centre teams across the North West.

A Friday night shift takes an unexpected turn for paramedic Jon…

On Saturday night, paramedics Danny and Ben are helping a homeless man after a
drugs overdose.

The devastating effects of having nowhere to live run through this episode as medic Dave helps another homeless person with a leg infection.

Ambulance S4 - ep 5

It’s a busy weekend for Jon and the team of paramedics across the North West

After taking their patient to hospital, Danny and Ben are called to a hotel where a woman has just given birth. The new mum had no idea she was even pregnant!

As crewmates Qas and Pragna (main picture) treat a 94-year-old after a fall, Danny and Ben deal with another homeless man not keen on accepting their help.

TV Times rating: *****