Amanda and Drew grow closer

Macca tries to convince a disbelieving Alf that nothing is going on between him and Cassie, and heads over to Cassie’s to tell her they’ve got to think of a cover story to put Alf off the scent. Later, Cassie’s stunned when Amanda and Macca turn up and lie to Alf that they’re seeing each other! Alf apologises for making accusations but Cassie’s worried about the growing web of lies, although she’s pleased when Amanda offers her place as a safe haven for her and Macca to meet in secret.

Drew can’t stop thinking about Amanda and, finding a moment alone with her, he tells her she can’t keep pretending she feels nothing for him. Later at the Diner, word has spread about Amanda and Macca’s ‘relationship’, leaving Drew and Belle stunned. Drew confronts Amanda who confesses she was lying about having a relationship with Macca. Drew maintains to Amanda that she feels something for him, but Amanda denies it and storms off to the lookout with Drew in hot pursuit, before the pair fall into a passionate embrace.

Also, Brad reveals he’s staying at the Bay and Kim and Rachel’s age difference becomes a problem when they disagree over when to have kids.