Abs faces the wrath of Tess

Abs arrives at work with a hangover after a night on the town with his colleagues and immediately has to face an angry Tess: Sam didn’t make it home last night and she’s cross that Abs doesn’t have a clue where he is.

When Alice and Dixie overhear Sam and Greg talking about their night out and it sounds as if ‘wild women’ were involved, Dixie wastes no time in letting Greg’s old flame Cyd know.

Tess blows up at Sam, who explains that he stayed at Greg’s – and when Abs tries to intervene she shouts at him too. Sam shows Nadia his ‘wild woman’: it’s his new tattoo!

Meanwhile, Guppy’s been looking everywhere for Stitch and finds him in his office: he’s been up all night gambling on the internet. Stitch goads Guppy into having a go at him.

Also, a former prisoner turned arcade owner is brought into the hospital after getting involved in a fight with a rival arcade boss.