Abra and Kyla are reunited

Lola starts her new job as a medical adviser at a psychiatric hospital. She soon spots a familiar face � her old Holby colleague, Abra � and he�s a patient! Lola tries to find out about Abra�s progress from his therapist Elizabeth, who turns out to also be his mother. Worried that Elizabeth is keeping Abra in for the wrong reasons, she tells Kyla where to find him.

Meanwhile, Ric meets Tom, a friend of Leon�s while he is sorting through his flat. Tom explains that while Leon was off drugs he worked at a drop-in centre helping other people with problems.

When Kyla turns up to see Abra his mother tries to keep them apart, but Abra won�t hear of it. After an emotional talk with Kyla, Abra decIdes to leave. He admits he wants to go to Africa and asks Kyla to go with him, but she can�t bring herself to leave her son Max. Surpsingly, Lola tells Abra that she wants to go with him.

Later Ric catches Tom injecting heroin and tries to stop him. Tom attacks Ric and tells him that Leon was still on drugs and he hated Ric. A devastated Ric kicks Tom out of the flat but later meets a girl who Leon helped at the drop-in centre.