Viewers will have to wait for ‘golden happy ending’ for Robron, warns Emmerdale’s Danny MIller

Robert and Aaron are getting married in Emmerdale on Monday (or are they?), but viewers shouldn't expect a tidy conclusion to their off-on relationship

Emmerdale fans will have to wait for the ‘golden happy ending’ for characters Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle, the show’s star Danny Miller has said.

Robert, played by Ryan Hawley, has big plans to marry the unsuspecting Aaron, played by Danny, in Monday’s programme – a day before Aaron receives a prison sentence.

But the couple’s hastily organised wedding may not go to plan, Danny warned, with police storming into the venue just as the ceremony gets under way at the end of the episode.

The actor told the Press Association he was ‘nervous’ about the reaction the storyline will receive, before saying: “I just hope everyone else enjoys it as much as we have.

“It’s a very light-hearted, funny and typical Dingle episode on Monday. And of course it wouldn’t be a soap without leaving you on a cliffhanger.”

He added: “Aaron is out on bail at the moment. Regardless of whether we’ll get down the aisle, it’s whether Aaron will get the chance to begin the wedding without a disaster happening.

“I think the viewers will kind of have to wait for that golden happy ending.”

Robert in Emmerdale (ITV)


The actor praised the programme for taking on the equal marriage storyline, saying: “Emmerdale is sticking by this and not kind of labelling this as anything other than two kind of mates that are in a relationship and love each other dearly.

“The sexuality of both characters is irrelevant because each character loves the other one so I think it’s really important, especially in today’s society we have a duty to make sure people are aware of these things.

“I’m delighted they’ve done it and delighted they’ve stuck by it because I know it’s done good things for different people of all different sexualities and backgrounds.”

Emmerdale is on ITV on Monday at 7pm.


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