‘Marrying Robert is the happiest day of Aaron’s life,’ says Emmerdale’s Danny Miller

Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden are getting married in Emmerdale… But the police turn up as uninvited guests, explains Danny Miller

Aaron Dingle has had a rough ride since he pitched up in Emmerdale in 2003, but finally he has something to smile about – even though he is about to go down for assault. Robert Sugden wants to prove his love to Aaron, just in case he goes to prison, so he arranges a surprise wedding in The Woolpack.

“It is very last minute,” Danny Miller told Soaplife. “Aaron has no idea that Robert is doing all this behind the scenes and is shocked when he finally realises.”

Are you pleased that the wedding is finally happening?
“I am and I know viewers will be, too. Robert [Ryan Hawley] and Aaron have both had a tough time. They have lived these chaotic, unhappy lives and now they’ve finally found each other. They are like best mates who are in a relationship and that’s why I think it’s so beautiful.”

How does Aaron feel about facing prison?
He’s nervous. He’s been to prison before, so he knows what it is like. At this moment, he doesn’t know for sure that he will be jailed, but if he is, at least he’ll go away with something to feel happy about.”

How does Aaron get to the wedding?
“You have to remember, he has no idea this is happening. Paddy [Dominic Brunt] knows and wants to stop him from going to the pub, but Cain [Jeff Hordley] bundles him into the boot of his car to get him there. He is really angry and then the boot opens – he looks up and Robert is there and says, ‘We’re getting married’. He’s even got Aaron’s suit all ready.”

What does the pub look like?
“Well, the Dingles take over, which result in there being a few Christmas decorations around the place.”

How does Aaron feel about marrying Robert?
“He is really emotional. He has got so much love for Robert and you will see that during the ceremony. It is the happiest day of his life.”

What does Paddy say to Aaron?
“Paddy has words with Aaron because he doesn’t think he should marry Robert, but Aaron says he has to accept it because he is in love with him.”

Does it all go to plan?
“When do soap weddings ever go to plan? The police turn up in the middle of the ceremony looking like they mean business.”

Are the police there to arrest Aaron?
“You’ll have to wait and see!”

Emmerdale, ITV


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